Is It Time to Find Another SEO Company?

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You’ve been with your SEO company for a while now, yet you’ve failed to see any real return on your investment. Sure, you’ve witnessed a slight increase in rankings, but you still aren’t receiving meaningful conversions. Matter of fact, you haven’t received much of anything from them. If you are unsure of what all your current SEO is doing, consider asking yourself: How satisfied am I with my SEO company? What have the results been? Is there any truth behind what they’ve been telling me?

This post serves as a wake-up call to help you make a decision with your current SEO company. If a few of the below danger signs are present with your current SEO company, chances are they aren’t as good as they claim to be.

Were you promised mass directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmarking, and/or forum comments? Google calls these automated links ‘web-spam.’ More times than not, these links are bought in bulk for very cheap. If you haven’t learned already, in the SEO world, you get what you pay for. These are old tactics that still work, but they are not as effective as they once were. Backlink spamming will eventually get you penalized, and once this happens, it makes it that much harder to gain rankings on Google.

Are they continually talking about vanity metrics? Vanity metrics are the easiest to measure because they tend to make you feel good about yourself. For example, receiving 150 likes on your Facebook Page is nice, but it doesn’t create conversions. It is a vanity metric when it comes to determining value in your SEO efforts and calculating ROI. Ask if the company can show you examples and references. The company should show you the results they’ve brought to their client and which metrics they deem important.

Ranking #1 for a bunch of keywords with low search volume, low competition, and low buying intent does nothing to help your business at the end of the day. Let’s use the dentistry industry as an example. If a dentist ranks #1 for the keyword “teeth flossing,” it won’t do them any good because the term is irrelevant and has low traffic. Wouldn’t you want to rank for “routine dental check-ups” instead?

Some SEO companies offer cookie cutter packages. These may look like:

Bronze Package

  • 8 pages on-site optimization
  • 100 directory submissions
  • 150 social bookmarks
  • 50 article submissions
  • 2 custom press releases


Basic Package

  • 5 keywords optimized
  • 100 directory submissions
  • 5 Facebook Likes
  • Top 10 Rankings for 4 months

But SEO is not so easy. If it were, everyone would rank #1 for the keywords of their choice. No two websites are the same, and every business has special needs. For example, one website may need more back link building initiatives because they’re new to the internet. While another site may need more social media management due to their industry. Don’t fall for the one-size fits all mindset of some SEO companies.

Content is KING! However, when the content on your website is stuffed with keywords and adds little-to-no value to your audience, you might as well have a blank page. Undistinguished content will not build trust with a potential customer. Your SEO should find a happy medium between writing for search engines, AND for people. Your content should help you build trust with your readers. Always remember to ask yourself, “Would I share this on Twitter?”

Great content will:

  • boost brand visibility
  • gain a stronger social following
  • increase referring links
  • expand your fan base & community
  • administer a higher conversion rate

You may be asking yourself, “Okay, now what?” Well, assuming you’ve made the smart decision to seriously reevaluate your current SEO provider, begin by asking prospective agencies some questions about SEO. Having these questions answered will help regain your trust in the powers of SEO. You shouldn’t have any doubts about your next SEO company. Pick someone that you’re comfortable with, and has a proven track record. Referrals are especially helpful in this industry. Good luck getting your online marketing back on track!

What are some other red flags for SEO companies? Leave your comments and suggestions below. We greatly value your feedback!

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