How Targeted Web Writing Will Improve Your Site’s Visibility

Posted by Tim

You can think of the Internet as the world’s largest encyclopedia. It has information pertaining to nearly everything known to man and is continually expanding. But unlike an encyclopedia, the Internet is chaotic and ever-changing.

Information is constantly being updated. It’s not like you can open up a Vol. of the Internet and start reading. But this is a good thing.

With search engines such as Google, we can find information that is so specific, so quickly that it’s a wonder how we ever got along without it.

Use Google to Your Advantage

Google receives billions of search queries daily. That translates to billions of opportunities for a person to land on your site at any given moment. All you have to do is make it easy for them to find you. But how, you ask?

By being specific with your writing.

When people are searching online, they’re usually looking for something specific. “Advanced Techniques for Tennis Serves,” “Flamenco Style Guitar Picking.” Of course, some searches will be more general, such as “Business Tips.” But keywords like these are so broad that it will generate over a billion search results. How well do you think your web page or article is going to fair in a sea of billions? Not well.

Find Your Audience

By making your titles and writing as specific as possible, you’ll be targeting a smaller user base. Going after fewer people intuitively sounds like a bad thing, but it’s really not.

You want to target the people that are actively looking for what you have to say. Not only are they going to find you more easily, they’ll stick around longer as well.

People who make broad searches are generally unsure of what they are looking for, meaning that they’re more likely to jump around, not spending much time on any given page. These are not the type of people you want to be targeting. They’re as unpredictable as they are beneficial to your site.

Specific = Useful

It’s also much easier to write useful content when talking about something specific. It gives you the space to dive deep into the subject matter and pull out rich nuggets of information. If your topic is too broad, you’ll start to feel yourself slipping into an endless rant and clutter the page with useless content.

So next time you write, try honing in on a single topic. See if you can notice the difference in the effectiveness of your writing.

I’m sure you will.

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