Web Hosting

As a convenience to our clients, we offer web hosting services to keep your website running at its best. With us in charge of hosting your website, we can easily set up your hosting account, maintain the server, and manage your site’s domain name to ensure optimal performance.

Reliable Web Hosting

We take the stress out of having to deal with hosting companies and IT support by hosting your website ourselves. Once we’ve finished your website, we transfer your domain name, domain settings, and email records and create FTP accounts for easy access to your server. With us handling your web hosting, you won’t have to worry if your website is performing at its best. Plus if any issues arise, you’ll know who to call.

Faster Load Speeds

Poorly configured hosting servers have the tendency to lag or unexpectedly crash, making for a lousy user experience. To prevent this from happening to your site, we develop and install custom scripts on your hosting account that enhance your website’s load speed, increase security, deflect SPAM traffic, and improve your SEO rankings.

Load Speed Optimization

Server Migration

If you already have a hosting account and need assistance with migrating your website between servers, we can help. Whether we own the server or not, we can move and reconfigure your database, email accounts, web content, DNS (Domain Name System), and anything else needed to keep your site at optimum functionality.

Website Migration