Market Research Atlanta

Effective marketing is only possible with solid market research. It’s what allows you to take a peek inside the minds of your consumers and helps you stay competitive within your industry. But knowing where to look can be tricky. Lucky for you, Blue Key Interactive is here to help. Our market researchers and analysts can generate and interpret data to gain unique insights into your target market.

market research atlanta

Keyword Research

The first step of market research is figuring out how people search for your goods and services online. Knowing what keywords people use on search engines like Google to find what you’re offering plays a key role in choosing the terms your web pages should be optimized for. Keyword research helps with offline marketing efforts as well, since it tells us which words and phrases people are familiar with in relation to your industry. Knowing what keywords to use when marketing to your customers is incredibly important since it helps minimize confusion and brings clarity to your message.

Keyword Analysis

Once we’ve generated an extensive list of keywords, we’ll comb through the data to see where opportunities lie. While it may be tempting to optimize for the term with the highest search volume, it may not be the best option for converting customers. Our keyword analysts can determine which keywords will likely be the most fruitful, aiming to provide you with a steady number of monthly visits, a low bounce rate, and quality leads.

keyword analysis Atlanta

Trend Analysis

A keyword trend analysis helps us see if a particular keyword is on the rise, stays consistently used, or is on the decline. It also lets us know if the keyword is affected by seasonality. Having this data allows us to strategically plan various marketing campaigns throughout the year and helps us make better sense of your website’s analytics.

Trend Analysis Atlanta