Atlanta Internet Marketing

So you have an amazing product, a beautiful website, but no customers? Our internet marketing team will create a comprehensive marketing plan designed to bring targeted and relevant traffic to your website.

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Marketing campaigns are only as good as the research that was put into it. There is no way for a campaign to perform at its full potential without a solid foundation built on up-to-date information and market research. Our extensive research and analysis allows us to create marketing plans that will reach and engage your customers.

Blue Key Interactive marketing research

Plan & Strategy

Once our research is complete, we begin developing a marketing plan that is tailor-made with your business and marketing goals in mind. These plans are designed to reach out to potential customers, engage with them, convert them into a sale or client, and then continue to engage and nurture the relationship after the sale.

Blue Key Interactive Plan and Strategy

Customized Marketing Toolset

We understand that every company and individual has different users, resources, and goals. That is why no two marketing plans are the same. We create an optimal plan that focuses on engaging with consumers in the places they are. For some clients we might focus on SEO and Social Media, whereas others will be more focused on PPC and Outbound Marketing.

Blue Key Interactive customized marketing toolset


With the marketing plan complete, the next step is execution. Each account will have a dedicated account manager who will remain in constant contact throughout the campaign. He or she will give updates, receive feedback, and plan for future campaigns. At the end of each month, you will receive a report full of information that actually matters, no fluff and no vanity metrics.

Blue Key Interactive marketing execution