The Rise and Fall of the Font “Lobster”

Posted by Molly

When I first discovered the font “Lobster” (created in 2010 by Pablo Impallari) in the Google font library, I was extremely excited to use it. Curvaceous yet clean, retro but not antiquated, Lobster was the perfect go to for logos and graphics. It was so perfect that it worked for just about every logo project. Whether for Sports, Food, or Kids, Lobster seemed the perfect match. At some point when looking back through my logo portfolio it hit me: I had become a serial Lobster abuser. Each new logo I did I had to make a conscious effort to avoid my beloved Lobster font.

Lobster. Lobster Everywhere.

Not long after coming to terms with my own Lobster abuse, I started to notice the font all over the place. I felt like I was Jim Carey in 23, everywhere I looked—Lobster. What had once been one of my favorite fonts became my worst nightmare. TV, billboards, logos, Lobster was officially overused. I’ve recently heard people go so far as to put Lobster in the same category as Comic Sans. Even though I die inside a little bit when I see Lobster-saturated graphics, I still hold out hope that when done well it can still be a viable font option. Comic Sans and Papyrus should NEVER be used, Lobster should be used sparingly and thoughtfully.

Lobster Font - Stop Lobster abuse

How to Recover from Lobster Overuse

Distancing myself from Lobster meant finding some worthy alternatives. I found that Oleo Script, LeckerliOne, and Courgette supplied the whimsy and pizazz I sought from Lobster.

An image with multiple other fonts

It may take a little more creativity, but with some new fonts in your arsenal you can recover from Lobster abuse. If I could do it, anyone can! And hey, maybe one day when it has stopped being so overused, maybe Lobster can reappear tastefully.

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  • Drumology2001

    Okay, now THAT was hilarious! I cracked up at the “Born/Died” header graphic. Even four years after this post originally hit the Interwebs, the words still ring true — Lobster abuse is *everywhere*, even today! Thanks for the chuckle and the opportunity to self-reflect, Molly. 😉

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