Case Study: Unshattered

Unshattered is a social enterprise that helps women who are recovering from addiction realize their full potential. The organization teaches job skills and sells custom-made handbags made from donated materials. The women of Unshattered make these handbags themselves and sell them to help support the program as well as the Walter Hoving Home, a residential home for women recovering from addiction that Unshattered works closely with.

Kelly Lindgaard, Unshattered’s founder and CEO, came to Blue Key Interactive in need of a new e-commerce website so that the organization could sell their products directly to consumers as well as share their story with online visitors. Kelly also wanted a fresh look for the Unshattered brand.

1 Rebranding

When thinking of how we wanted to present Unshattered’s brand, we first thought of all the meanings this word brings to mind. After many discussions, we found that it had many meanings. It expresses the fortitude and strength in the wake of pain, as well as the restoration of something once broken. We then had to figure out how to visually and succinctly communicate these meanings.

2 Logo

Drawing on the emotion of the brand and the difficult past of these women, we made the icon a tear drop. Because Unshattered is a spiritual organization, we filled the tear drop with three abstract crosses. These crosses work to express Unshattered’s meaning in two ways: 1) the women’s metaphorical death and resurrection of their new lives in Christ, and 2) it illustrates something that was once broken but is now mended. This, we felt, perfectly encapsulated the Unshattered brand.

The colors we chose are reminiscent of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They also add a touch of class and femininity and fit well within current style trends of the fashion industry.

3 Tagline

The Unshattered tagline is “From Pieces, Made Whole.” We felt this tagline spoke to the transformative path these women walk to rebuild their lives. By taking pieces of discarded fabrics and turning them into beautiful handbags, these women show themselves how wholeness can be returned to something once in tatters.

4 Website


Once we knew what the new Unshattered brand looked like, we could begin work on their website. It needed to feel elegant and restorative, and we knew that people would want to know the stories behind the products and the women who created them.

5 Design

Unshattered’s primary focus is its women, so we decided that they should be highlighted throughout the website. Almost all of the imagery on the site features the women of the program along with their products.

The color scheme was chosen to match the colors of the logo. These colors are also very easy on the eyes and work great for online viewing.


6 Primary Features


The website features success stories written by the women of the program as well as stories about special garments they receive and turn into products.

Users can easily browse through their one-of-a-kind products and make purchases in the store. Visitors can use filters to narrow down their search, read product descriptions, and view before and after pictures to get an in-depth look at the creation process.

The site is packed with information about Unshattered, including an interactive timeline and message from Kelly herself about why she started the organization. We really wanted to fill this site with as much meaning as possible so that visitors would understand the full impact of this life-changing organization.

7 Before & After

Now Unshattered has a website and brand that accurately represents them and will help get their products into the hands of its supporters.