Shurron Green Portfolio

Shurron Green

Shurron Green is a former United States Marine Corps and Air Force veteran that has dedicated more than 20 years of law enforcement service to the citizens of Metro Atlanta and Fulton County. Mr. Green came to Blue Key Interactive in 2015 in need of a website, social media marketing, and print materials to promote his campaign for Sheriff of Fulton County in 2016.

Site Architecture

Mr. Green’s campaign website consists of only five pages. It includes an About, Photo Gallery, Resume, Contribution, and Home page.


Shurron Green Website Design

The website’s homepage features an image of Mr. Green in his Georgia State Patrol uniform, highlighting his character and devotion to his duties as law enforcement. We included a contribution button at the bottom of the first panel so that supporters could easily donate to his campaign.

Shurron Green Donate Page

The second panel provides voter information so that visitors know when to vote. We also included a count down until voting day at the bottom of the page as well as links to register to vote and to find a voting station. The rest of the page is filled with information about Mr. Green.

Social Media

Shurron facebook page

To help spread his campaign’s message online, we set up a Facebook account for Mr. Green and helped him manage his posts. We also designed custom social graphics to share out to his supporters.

Print Materials

Shurron Green Print Material

We also design various print materials so that Mr. Green would have something to pass out to people when he attended talks and conventions.

Working with Blue Key Interactive has been a wonderful experience. I am constantly complimented on the quality of my campaign website and my campaign promotional materials.