Case Study: Shumway Van Attorneys

Shumway Van is an ever-expanding regional law firm that provides clients with exceptional “big firm” results for a reasonable “small firm” price. The firm continues to gain national presence due to its outstanding business, litigation, and transactional practice.

The partners of the law office came to Blue Key Interactive to replace their template made website with a custom one that would better fit their industry and foster a stronger online presence.

Their new website is specially geared towards communicating the personality of the firm, as well as their specific practice areas. Since the practice areas being the core of their business, the architecture and design provides easy access to information for the user and easy indexing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To get a feel for what it’s like to be a client of Shumway Van, we added an embedded video on the home page to unveil the daily interactions and atmosphere of the firm.

1 Site Engagement

Before we began working on the new Shumway Van website, we gathered industry information, user opinion, analytics on the traffic, and data pertaining to the performance of each page. The conclusion was that the website was difficult to navigate and lacked meaningful content on most of its webpages, causing a negative user experience and most users to prematurely leave the website.

The new website is designed around the user’s objectives and the online goals of the firm, resulting in a positive user experience and a higher conversion rate. Also, by implementing responsive design, mobile and tablet users can easily access and navigate the website.

With the new optimized navigation and more targeted content, the user is now able to locate and digest information relevant to fulfilling their objectives. Since the new website has gone live, bounce rate has decreased 17.79%, page duration has increased 30.83%, mobile traffic has increased 222.62%, and tablet traffic has increased 37.74%.


2 Sitemap & Planning

To better architect the new sitemap, we spent a lot of time carefully analyzing the old website page by page. Our first step in re-architecting the sitemap required us to identify the most important pages based on business goals and user objectives. Restructuring them for a more effective navigation has lead to a cleaner user experience and an increase in conversions. Below is the final sitemap we came up with.


3 Wireframes

To effectively layout each element of the website, we had to consider the firm’s business requirements, their user’s objectives, and follow modern webdesign practices. One of the top business requirements from Shumway Van was to include a full screen ambient video background as the main focus of the homepage.

To show the user on the firms available services, we feature a comprehensive list of practice areas as the second point of interest, encouraging the user to ask for more information about a particular service.

Shumway Van also wanted to reassure their users that a strong team of legal professional are ready to assist them and adding a “featured attorneys” section does just that.

Now that the user knows their services and qualifications, we thought it best to include a testimonial section as well as an accolades and certifications section to build trust with potential clients.


4 Branding

Shumway Van did not have a solidified visual brand prior to starting this project. To build their new visual brand, we researched various industry colors, patterns, and fonts. Below is the final branding guidelines we used across the website.


5 Feature Callouts

The full screen, ambient background video stands as the backdrop for the website. We overlaid some strong text to instil confidence in the brand and a simple call to action to encourage the user to contact the firm.


The Frequently Asked Questions page gives the user quick information to satisfy any concerns and to better prepare them for what they may need to bring to their first appointment. We used a collapsible accordion-style display to neatly arrange the list of questions.


Since each of their 3 offices have a unique website, we added a location section so the user can quickly navigate to the location that is most convenient for them.


6 Before & After

The new website increased overall engagement, enhanced user experience, and improved visual appeal. We streamlined each element of the website to clearly guide the users to fulfill their desired objectives, while creating an effective path to conversion, resulting in more business for the firm.





"The team at Blue Key is fantastic. I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to web development professionals over the years and the service and professionalism at Blue Key is unmatched no matter the price. I trust this group enough to let them work on the most important site for my business, which is saying a lot! The design and implementation process is simple, clean and easy and my concerns were addressed at every step along the way. If you want something done right then do it yourself or have Blue Key do it for you."