Settlement Machine

The Settlement Machine is the entrepreneurial dream of Adam Nickerson. Adam has been a part of many litigation cases throughout his career as a C-level executive and found the process to be very strenuous on all the parties involved. He thought, what if there was a system that people could use to finalize settlements more quickly and easily. Thus, the idea for The Settlement Machine was born.

Adam asked Blue Key Interactive if it would be interested in building a prototype for the site so that he could see a manifestation of his idea and better gauge its direction. BKI agreed to take on the task and has made a fully functional prototype.

The web application is designed to be used in lieu of arbitration, mediation, litigation, or in parallel with either process. The app works by allowing each participating party to enter a dollar amount which remains hidden until a settlement is reached. Once the settlement has been confirmed, it is revealed to both parties. From there they are allowed to print out a settlement document that can be used as evidence to make the agreement legally binding if such actions need to be taken.


To fully understand how the prototype would work, we first had to clearly define each system requirement. These included items such as data security and the legalities of digital signatures and terms of conditions.


Translating the system requirements into an effective user interface meant creating detailed wireframes to map out each module. We then had to figure out how they would connect together and what information would be needed for each.


The target user for the settlement machine is executive level businessmen who do not have the time to invest in a lengthy court battle. Designing Settlement Machine to work on iPad would accommodate to their on-the-go lifestyle, allowing them to interact with their cases and bids from just about anywhere.