Scott Lacey Realty

Scott Lacy Realty

Scott Lacy Realty is the reality firm dealing with real estate in Buford, Hamilton Mill, Dacula, Suwanee, Chateau Elan, and Atlanta. Scott Lacy came to Blue Key Interactive in need of redesigning and restructuring several of his websites.


Scott Lacey Realty WebsiteBecause Scott Lacy primarily deals with home real estate, we made the home banner an inviting, middle-class home. On the banner is a search bar with several filters. Within this bar, users can search for properties that match their specification in their desired area. Clicking the submit buttons takes the user to a listings website that shows them relevant properties.

The rest of the site is filled with information for home buyers and sellers. Scott Lacy provides many tips to help guide people through the home buying and selling process.


Scott Lacy has a website for each area the firm serves. He wanted a simple way to for users to be able to get to the website representing their desired location.

To solve this issue, we placed several small buttons at the bottom of the home banner and labeled them with the city name. Clicking on the buttons would send the user to the respective website. This design we repeated on all the websites. Now users can get to the website for their location no matter what website they land on first.