Quality Remodeling Services

Quality Remodeling Services is a commercial remodeling company that specializes in luxury renovations for high-end hotels. Quality Remodeling came to us in need of a new website to showcase their services. They also wanted to rebrand their company with a new logo, imagery, and color scheme.

Information Design

To begin the project, we began laying out the architecture for the website. This set the structure for the website and how certain design elements would look and function.


Next we began coming up with ideas for the logo and color palette for the new brand. Because Quality Remodeling primarily caters to luxury hotels, we wanted to create a logo that conveyed elegance, sophistication, and trustworthiness.

For these reasons, we chose to make the icon a tall building sitting atop a pedestal. This, we felt, nicely communicated the premium value of Quality Remodeling’s services. We then chose to create a color palette consisting of neutral colors to create a feeling of soft elegance.


The website’s home page displays a banner of plush pillows and a newly made bed. Scrolling down, users can click on three different portfolio pieces that highlight Quality Remodeling’s luxury-grade services. Users can then explore the rest of the website to learn more about the company and how to contact them for their services.

Now Quality Remodeling has a new website to show off their work as well as a new brand that communicates the high-end services they offer.