PerformanceIT came to us with an outdated website that had been poorly designed to display their offered services. The old website was full of broken links and outdated pages that referenced old services that were no longer offered and technologies no longer in use.

The primary goal for their new website was to generate leads from small businesses actively looking for IT services in the Atlanta area. To accomplish this, we had to rebuild the website to improve user experience, incorporate modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standards, and follow PerformanceIT’s business requirements.

With a solid website serving as the foundation and working closely with PerformanceIT, we developed a two-part online marketing plan to build a strong web presence and generate new leads. The first part was to start a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign to generate new leads quickly and cost effectively to fund the full campaign. The second part was to generate leads through a long-term investment through an SEO campaign and social media marketing for brand awareness.


To build the new website, we created a new sitemap based on market research, modern SEO practices, and PerformanceIT’s business model. The new sitemap prioritizes pages based on the level of demand for each service found through our online research and input from PerformanceIT’s own experience.

To salvage any “SEO credit” that already existed with the old website, we made sure to consolidate and redirect the old pages to their updated counterparts.




The primary design goal was to create a responsive website that could be easily viewed on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The new website would have a simplified look and be organized in a way that ensured easy readability, as well as a streamlined navigation process for better user experience.

The primary business requirement was used as the website’s main call to action: “request a free network assessment.” If the user decided not to submit a request, the homepage still offered more avenues for the user to take to learn more about PerformanceIT and its services.

As part of the long-term marketing goals, we included a blog and news section so that users could view relevant content. We also categorized the content for easier navigation. The content posted in this section could then be used as shareable materials for social media marketing and SEO targeted content to increase the website’s rankings.



Since PerformanceIT offers a lot of cloud services and their technical support services can be done remotely, we used calm blues to brand their new website. This signifies to the user that working with PerformanceIT is a simple and hassle-free experience.



Landing Pages

We created custom landing pages for each of PerformanceIT’s services. Each page focused on informing the user about the company and the service they were searching for while encouraging them to make a phone call or fill out a contact form request to receive more information.


Social Media

We also designed custom banners for PerformanceIT’s social profiles to mirror the look and feel of the newly renovated site. This ensures seamless branding while supplementing the goals of the Internet Marketing plan.


Print Material

PerformanceIT also asked us to design some fliers and other sales materials for them to give to potential clients.

PerformanceIT Print Material

Before & After

The final product achieved all of the goals of the project: A properly built responsive website optimized for Internet marketing and a better user experience. Altogether, PerformanceIT’s new website acts as a focused conversion funnel to help them gain new customers.