Johns Creek Web Survey

Johns Creek, a suburban municipality in Metro Atlanta, is a rapidly growing area with a population of 76,728 and counting. After seeing such growth, city officials were looking to expand their Park and Recreational facilities. But to do so, the city was legally required to gather feedback from the community.

The city approached Blue Key Interactive with this problem and we gladly took up the challenge. To gather public opinion, we created an online survey that citizens of Johns Creek could complete.

Ensuring Data Accuracy

The city’s main concern for the project was data accuracy. They wanted to avoid the same individual or group of individuals repeatedly filling out the survey to push their own agenda.

To solve this, we mailed out physical postcards with the survey’s URL to 4,000 Johns Creek Residents. Each postcard had its own unique survey code, which allowed it to only be used once.

This guaranteed that the survey would be filled out once per resident, and only those who had a code could participate. Using this methodology kept the data accurate and unbiased.



The survey was designed around Johns Creek’s current color scheme and brand. The final product was a clean, easy-to-use interface that allowed user’s to quickly accomplish their task.


To monitor the success of the survey in real time, we created a custom admin dashboard where the city could see the survey data and export it to a PDF or excel document. The data was comprised of the number of surveys completed, a tally of answers, and written responses from the users.