Inappropriate Commentary

Inappropriate Commentary is a comedy podcast series that primarily discusses current events and sensitive social issues beyond the politically correct boundaries. After establishing an initial audience, Inappropriate Commentary came to Blue Key Interactive wanting to extend their audience reach.

Blue Key Interactive accomplished this by designing a new, user-friendly website that embraces the blunt and southern-style personalities of the podcast’s commentators David and Po.

The main goals of the website were to allow their fans to easily listen to the podcast, subscribe to their iTunes feed, and to read information about the podcasts and events they attend.


The website is architected around the episodes as they are the main focus of Inappropriate Commentary. The sitemap provides each episode with its own unique page that houses episode details, easy sharing capability, and improved search engine indexing.


The style of the website is intended to be as bold and intense as the commentators themselves while still portraying a fun and exciting atmosphere. Deep reds and solid blacks were used to not only represent their Georgia roots but also to express their sense of boldness and lively character.


To establish their brand, we used a retro style microphone to represent their classic moral standards and placed modern text chat bubbles underneath to incorporate their progressive outlook. Their logo is now easily recognizable and can be used on a variety of prints and merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, flyers, and more!brand