GA Land Surveyor

GA Land Surveyor is a land surveying company that offers commercial and residential construction services across the state of Georgia. GA Land Surveyor came to Blue Key Interactive with the task of rebuilding their web presence after experiencing multiple issues with their previous freelance developer.

The new website was meant to be used as a foundation for Internet marketing so that a hyper-focused PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign would be more effective. The campaign aimed to bring in quick revenue while long-term marketing strategies were implemented to increase GA Land Surveyor’s overall web presence.



GA Land Surveyor’s previous website was only one page. While this might be okay for a company with only one service, GA Land Surveyor offers multiple services that cater to various types of clients. The new sitemap breaks down each service into individual pages so the user can easily view information about the service they are looking for.



We used wireframes to make some of the key marketing and design decisions that influenced the overall goals of the website.

Knowing the two main user segments of GA Land Surveyor to be homeowners and residential/commercial builders, we were able to prioritize each design element to the order of preferred clientele.




GA Land surveyor’s new website needed to be responsive, primarily for the residential and commercial builder. Through research, we discovered that builders are usually “on-the-go” and may need to contact a land surveyor while in the field, typically through a quick search on their phone.

The owner and principal of GA Land Surveyor, Caleb McGaughey, comes from a long line of land surveyors, starting with his great-grandfather. We felt that it was important for the user to know the extensive capabilities the company’s workers have when it comes to knowledge and expertise in the field. The About Us page displays a full-size banner aim to convey just that.


Before & After

The final product  achieved all of the goals set forth at the beginning of the project. The new site is cleaner, easier to navigate, and focuses on funneling users to exactly where they need to go on the website. The new design also encourages conversion and is optimized for the best SEO performance.





"After working with Blue Key Interactive I can testify to the value of working with a full scale agency. My previous web developer disappeared without notice, resulting in a long struggle to access to my domain name again. Not only am I thrilled about my new website, I am also seeing great results with the online marketing campaigns they are doing for me!"