Fiduciary for Me

Fiduciary for Me is an Internet-based wealth management company that works with highly trained advisers to assist individuals with a wide range of financial needs, including retirement plans, investments, portfolio management, and much more. The company came to Blue Key Interactive in need of a website that would provide potential clients with a reflection of their professional quality services, as well as a wealth of foundational information about the industry.

Although most individuals that are in the process of retiring currently prefer to consume offline content rather than online, Fiduciary For Me is setting up to have a holding on the market in preparation for the younger generations as they prepare for retirement.


We architected the website around providing informative content, an easy-to-use navigation, and a clear call to action, as their users tend to be less technically inclined.



Fiduciary for Me’s users are typically between 55 and 70 years old. To accommodate to those demographics, we designed a simple website using contrasting colors, easy to read fonts, and imagery portraying older people while avoiding any sudden animations or complex functionality.



Due to compliance rules and strict regulations within the financial industry, the content often needs to be edited as changes occur. For convenience, the website was built on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). This allows Fiduciary for Me’s team to maintain and change content quickly as laws and regulations change.