Easy CO2 Gas

Easy CO2 Gas is a subsidiary of Sydney Lee Welding Co. that is based in Georgia. It provides cost-effective carbonation solutions for various businesses such as bars, restaurants, and breweries.

Easy CO2 Gas asked Blue Key Interactive to rebuild their website and develop a strategic marketing plan that would expand their client base.

Based on extensive research, the new website is designed and strategically architected for the best user experience and specifically targets the online market for their industry.


The new website’s architecture was designed to complement how online users search for Easy CO2’s products. We prioritized each service based on the most popular searches and how the users would engage with the content of each service.



The website was designed with light blues and greens to portray the environmentally friendly technology behind the carbonation systems Easy CO2 installs for their clients.


With consumable CO2 products like beer and soda being their primary online market segment, the home page banner displays a large glass of beer and the tagline: “Your affordable beverage carbonation solution” to quickly summarize the service.

Social Media

With the new website serving as a solid foundation for the Internet marketing plan, we implemented various online marketing tools, such as SEO and social media advertisement, to help them reach a wider audience. This resulted in attaining many new clients, among them being the new Falcon’s stadium.


"As a rapidly growing small business, we found our selves in need of a better website for our clients to get more information about our services and to market so we can expand our client base. Blue Key Interactive was AMAZING! Anyone running a business knows how precious their time is. Blue Key Interactive took care of everything for me, allowing me to do what I do best, MY job."