Crawfish Shack Seafood

Crawfish Shack Seafood is a Cajun-style restaurant with influences from authentic Vietnamese cuisine. It has become somewhat of a local landmark for Atlanta, so we were very happy when they came to us in need of a new website.

However, after meeting with them and seeing their marketing materials, we came to the conclusion that Crawfish Shack needed to do a complete brand overhaul. A restaurant with its level acclaim needed to have a brand that people could instantly recognize and connect with.


Crawfish Shack Seafood Sitemap

A straightforward sitemap was all that was needed. Their old website didn’t even have a menu, making that one of the main requirements. Crawfish Shack also wanted to display photos of their delicious food as well as show the prices of their catering service and provide links to critic reviews.


Crawfish Shack’s original logo was a hand-drawn sketch of a crayfish. This came with two major drawbacks: (1) it lost a lot of its detail when printed out, and (2) it didn’t render very well online. The solution we came up with was to keep the idea of the crayfish but reshape its presentation and style. The logo we decided on is a flat, minimalistic take on the original.

Crawfish Shack Seafood New Logo

Crawfish Shack Seafood Color Palette

The color pallet consists of different shades of red to match the look of crustation their restaurant is named after, as well as white and gray to be used as accent colors.


Crawfish Shack Seafood Home Page Design

Like any restaurant, the Crawfish Shack’s main draw is its food. So, it made sense to have a delicious spread of Cajun-style seafood be the first thing people see when they arrive on the website. The main navigation is statically positioned on the left so that it doesn’t move as the user scrolls up and down the page. This makes it easy for the user to explore the site and keeps the Crawfish Shack’s logo in constant view, helping to reinforce the new brand.

Crawfish Shack Seafood Website Design

The website was also designed to be mobile and tablet friendly, meaning that it will resize automatically to fit the screen on which it’s being displayed.

Menu Design

We also redesigned their menu to match the look of their new brand.


Crawfish Shack Before Menu


New Crawfish Shack Menu

Social Media

Crawfish Shack Seafood Social Media

To keep branding consistent, we designed custom banners and profile images for all of Crawfish Shack’s social profiles.

Before & After


Crawfish Shack Seafood before


Crawfish Shack Seafood After


Combined with their new brand, Crawfish Shack can keep serving great-tasting food while having a website where people can view their menu and learn about what makes them so special.

We have been featured on some of the best food media outlets such as Travel Channel and Atlanta Eats. It was time to get our appearance together. We are so excited about the new branding Blue Key Interactive gave us! Now we look as good as our food tastes!