Burban Lawns

Burban Lawns is a lawn care company that offers full-scale yard service and maintenance to the residents of Lawrenceville and Gwinnett County. After seeing rapid growth, Burban Lawns came to Blue Key Interactive in need of expanding their business’s online presence. The company wanted to provide their customers with an easy means of attaining a free quote, as well as a quick view of their services and pricing.


To give perspective customers a clear vision of the services offered, the website layout focuses on just that. The home page uses large boxes to represent each service offered by Burban Lawns in place of traditional content. This encourages users to visually engage with the services they may be looking to contract rather than having to skim through content.


The website is coded for maximum load speed providing users the load time now expected with modern technology while also meeting Google’s suggested load speeds to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).