Diocese of Bridgeport Mobile App

The Bridgeport Diocese mobile app is a comprehensive application where you can view parish information, the latest news, and see upcoming events pertaining to the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Diocese asked Blue Key Interactive to develop a solution to prevent inconsistent information from being sent out amongst their 82 parish websites. Oftentimes, information regarding addresses, mass times, events, news, support groups, service projects, communities, and parish contact information was not the same across all of their websites.

To solve this issue, Blue Key Interactive created a central database that stores and sends information to a mobile app. This would allow their 460,000 members and each parish website to receive consistent data. The database is managed through a web interface and flows through a custom built API using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).


This project came with a long list of business requirements due to the size of the Diocese and the scale of the services it offers. To ensure that we accounted for everything at the start, we created wireframes that represented each module, function, and screen the mobile app and data hub would need to include.


Each module had to be arranged and designed uniquely between the hub and the mobile app. The user interaction on the hub was made more robust since it required more features than the mobile application. On the hub, posting a news article requires the user to make specific data decisions such as creating a title, choosing a featured image, and HTML text formatting, while the mobile app only requires the user to select an article and read it.


The logo, colors, and fonts were pulled from the existing Bridgeport Catholic Diocese brand.


iOS & Android

The Bridgeport Diocese app currently works for iOS and Android. And has been a great success for their members!