Attic Kings Animal Removal

Attic Kings Animal Removal & Attic Cleaning came to us in need of a new website to replace there older, outdated one. Many of the pages on the old website had large blocks of text filled with unnecessary keywords, making it difficult for users to read. The spacing and organization of the content also made the site look like it was patched together.

The primary goals were to create a new website that looked great, provided up to date information about their services, and could be marketed with Google AdWords.


The sitemap was set up so that each animal that Attic Kings removes would have its own page. This would help with our SEO (search engine optimization) efforts as well as make it easier for users to find the service they are looking for.

We also created a second dropdown where users can read about all of Attic Kings’ restoration services.

attic_kings_sitemap copy

Organizing the website like this also allows content to be geared toward each specific service. Now users can get a detailed look at each one of Attic Kings’ services without having to skip over unnecessary information.


AK Responsive

The website was also designed to be responsive so that it would resize correctly on mobile and tablet as well.

By designing a new navigation and page layout, the content is easier to read and users can more easily find the pages they want to view.

As part of the long-term marketing goals, we included a blog section so that users could view additional relevant content. We also categorized the content for easier navigation. Blog posts can easily be shared on social media to help aid in internet marketing campaigns and distribute SEO targeted content across the web to increase the website’s rankings on search engines.


At Attic Kings’ request, we stayed with the two primary colors used on their old website: orange and black. By using tan and white as accent colors, we were able to create a balanced design.

AK Branding

Before & After

Now, Attic Kings has a great-looking website that’s easy to navigate so that visitor can easily find the information they are looking for.


Attic Kings Before


Attic Kings After