Must Have Business Apps: TED

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Staying in the loop is crucial for anyone in business. Knowing what stories are trending and finding relevant content to use as a reliable source can help improve marketing plans, PR strategies, and site content. Videos and sound bites of some of the most interesting and intelligent people in the fields of science, phycology, technology, and more are recorded live and ready to view at your leisure with TED.

Discover the psychological implications of a consumer-driven mindset during an economic recession, or learn why children should learn coding in kindergarten. The point is that there’s an abundance of knowledge just a tap away with your smartphone. You can set your company apart from the crowd by keeping in the know.

TED on Your Phone

TED has many free apps to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that fits your needs. The app is available on any device, and all videos are optimized for quality viewing on all smartphones and desktops. If videos and articles aren’t really your thing and you favor listening to podcasts like I do, then check out “TED Radio Hour,” “A Taste of TED Talks,” or the handful of other podcasts they record.

TED Talk is currently where anyone with anything valuable to share go to speak, and if you’re a business professional, especially an offline and/or online marketer, taking advantage of this resource will help give you the upper hand on your competitors. Our Social Media Marketing efforts are often complemented by new research and tech trends from TED Talks. Try it out for free and let us know what you think!

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