Must Have Business Apps: Slack

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Slack is part email and part instant messenger. It takes the best features from both and merges them into a desktop and mobile app masterpiece. Slack is mostly used by businesses as a means of quick communication.

How It’s Used

At Blue Key Interactive, we pretty much use it in the same way. When I have a question regarding the progress of a new marketing initiative, I’ll Slack our Marketing Director. When our Creative Director finishes designing a batch of graphics for a new online advertisement campaign, she’ll send me a quick Slack message letting me know they’re on Dropbox. That’s what Slack is for, keeping everything simple and efficient.

With Slack, you can also create sub-chat groups. For instance, we have created specific chat groups for topics such as Development and Marketing. This “group” feature allows me to instantly message everyone involved in marketing or another department. This keeps the information flowing to only the people who need to hear it.

I enjoy Slack much more than email when at work mainly because of the time it saves. This may be completely psychological, but emails, even when written to colleagues, tend to look more professionally written, and you may think there’s nothing wrong with that, and you’re right. There is nothing wrong with a well-written email to coworkers, but think about how much time is wasted checking grammar, spelling, and proper email etiquette.

Slack eliminates the hassle or worry of writing well, but in a good way. Productivity is the main focus.

Automated Reminders

The application also comes with a failsafe. If you don’t see Slack’s new message icon pop up telling you that you’ve received a new message, after about 15 minutes Slack will send you an email of the message so it doesn’t become lost and forgotten. And speaking of things being forgotten, Slack can be paired with other applications for automated alerts and updates.

Slack’s Smartphone App

The Slack mobile app is a condensed, pocket-sized version of the desktop application. What’s nice about it is that when you are offline and someone sends a message to your Slack account, after 15 minutes of unresponsiveness you will see the message on your phone app.

Slack really does promote and enhance dialogue among coworkers. Plus, everything is free, so there really shouldn’t be any hesitation to downloading this app.

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