Must Have Business Apps: Evernote

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Being a good marketer means having both a creative and analytical mind, and although a marketer’s data-driven mind can shut down after 5:00 pm, their creativity cannot. Ideal marketing strategies, captivating content pieces, or game-changing ideas can come seemingly out of nowhere.

Having an app that allows you to write down your ideas on any mobile device is nice, but having one that syncs back to your computer is time efficient and smart. The automatic syncing prevents users from losing their creative gems in the chaos that is their notepad, thus making Evernote a must have application.

If you’re still using an actual notepad, don’t feel as if this product isn’t for you.

Better Than Pen and Paper?

With Evernote, digitizing your note taking is incredibly easy. The app allows you to draw an idea, record a voice memo, take a picture, or even record a video.

Notebooks is my favorite feature. It allows users to make sub to-do lists for every colleague and client. Rather than keeping all of your tasks jumbled together with your personal to-do list, on Evernote you can have a separate “Notebook” for anyone of your contacts! Keeping to-do lists organized is almost too easy with Evernote.

Evernote has been around for a while now, and quickly became a must-have app for many business professionals when it first launched in 2008. Due to Evernote’s outstanding success, a few new products have been added to their line-up, such as VJournal, Evernote Food, and Evernote Scannable.

All of the features mentioned above are available on your laptop, tablet, and cellphone. But I’ve found that the mobile application best shows off Evernote’s value. The features are practical and plentiful, and it doesn’t cost a dime—unless you upgrade, but most will find the free version to be sufficient. Evernote is the app no businessperson should be without.

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