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How to Add Managers on YouTube

Posted by Lillian

Adding managers to a YouTube channel can be done in 2 ways. Which way you go depends on whether or not your account is already linked to Google+. If your account is already connected to a Google+ profile, click here to skip down to those instructions.

With No Google+ Link

  1. From your YouTube channel, click on the avatar in the right-hand top corner. Then click Settings.

    NOTE: Make sure that you select the channel you would like to edit, otherwise you will be editing the settings for your Google+ account, which does not give you the option to edit managers.

Locate YouTube Settings Button

    1. From the settings screen, locate “Add or remove managers” within the managers section on the screen. Then click on it.

Adding or Removing YouTube Manager Access

From the Advanced page, look for the Connect with a Google+ page button then click on it. This will open a pop-up window where several Google+ pages and an option to create a new one are displayed.

  1. Choose a page that defines or matches your channel, or you can create a new one.
    NOTE: In the event that no Google+ pages appear when you click Connect With Google+, go back to the page where you can see your Account Information, which will open right after you click the Advanced option. Then, click on “Link Channel with Google+,” instead of the Advanced link.
  2. Go to the Google+ page that is linked to your YouTube channel.
  3. Click the Manage this page button. Then select Managers tab.
  4. Click on the Add Managers button where you can add the email address or Google+ profile name of the person you want to assign as a manager. This will give the new manager access to your account and the right to upload videos.

Image of the YouTube Managers page


With a Google+ Link

  1. Sign into your Google Account.
  2. Go to YouTube and choose the channel where you want to add a manager.
  3. From the channel’s account settings, look for the Add or remove managers button, then click on it.
  4. On the space provided, type in the email address of the person you wish to assign as manager. Click invite.

Image of YouTube manager email invite screen

  1. On either procedure, an assigned individual will receive an invitation via email. Once he accepts the invitation, he will be able to access the YouTube channel assigned to him from his Google Account.

Points to Remember

  • You must be the owner of the Google+ page to be able to add or remove managers.
  • Individuals you want to assign as managers must have a Google+ account.
  • For a manager to upload videos on YouTube, he must click the Switch accounts option on his account page.

There are three types of admin in Google+ pages, all of which have different capabilities, but only two are allowed to manage YouTube videos — the page owner and page manager.

Summary of Roles

An owner can:

  • Add/remove managers
  • Delete account
  • Edit profile
  • Manage YouTube videos and Hangouts on Air
  • Post to customers, respond to reviews, and view Insights
  • Most other actions

A manager can:

  • Manage YouTube videos and Hangouts on Air
  • Post to customers, respond to reviews, and view Insights
  • Most other actions

The third tier admin, the Communications Manager, cannot manage YouTube videos, but can post to customers, respond to reviews, view Insights, and most other actions.

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  • torere

    No matter how many things i try the ‘Add manager’ button is nowhere to be found. Can you offer any help?

    • Paul Barrs

      I can’t see mine either – guessing it’s because my YouTube account is a personal one, not business. But I’ve had a number of customers who have easily added me quite easily.

  • Johnny

    When you said a manager can “Manage YouTube videos,” do you mean videos that he uploaded or videos in the whole channel? I want others to contribute to the channel but I don’t want some malicious person to delete all the videos in the channel. Is there a way around that so a person can upload and delete his own videos but not someone else’s?

  • Er. Anuj Saini

    I have tried all the ways mentioned above… But I couldn’t find the option to add the manager. Isn’t the option available for Indian users like YouTube premium?

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