How to Add LinkedIn Managers

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By default, the creator of a company page or any page in LinkedIn is automatically granted with administrative rights. As administrator, you can edit the company page, add or remove other admins, and send updates related to the company.

If you want to add a group manager, the administrator has the exclusive rights to do so. But first, you must understand the different roles and the rules they must follow.

A group in LinkedIn can have an owner, manager, and moderator.

What makes one different from the other?

Group Owner

The group owner is the creator of the LinkedIn page. He has control over subgroups membership page settings, group rules discussions, and more.

He is responsible for group-related tasks such as:

  • Manage group submissions
  • Moderate queues
  • Monitor and delete discussions and comments
  • Add a featured discussion labeled as “Manager’s Choice”

The group owner can also transfer ownership to someone else and change membership roles to that of a manager or moderator.

Group Manager

Group managers have the same access rights as the owner, but can’t transfer ownership or close a group. The can carry out the same tasks as the owner.

Group Moderator

Group moderators share the same tasks as the manager and owner, except for administrative and managerial rights.

How to Add a Group Manager

  1. From your homepage, move your cursor over Interests and then select Groups.
  2. Look for the group to which you’d like to add a manager and then click on it.


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 7.13.31 AM

  1. Click the Manage tab, then click the Participants button on the left side.
  2. Click on the Members tab, then look for the name of the group member that you want to add as manager.
  3. Click Change role, then select the new role that you want to assign.


If you wish to remove a manager, follow the same steps and just assign the manager to be replaced with another role. Whether adding or removing a manager, all changes are done on the Participants section of the group’s page.

How to Add Other Company Page Administrators

As admin, you also have the right to add other admins who can help you handle the tasks at hand.

  1. From your LinkedIn page, move your cursor over Interests then click Companies.
  2. From the Manage your pages section, choose the Company page you want to edit and click on it.


  1. Look for the blue Edit button found in the upper right side and click on it.
  2. Scroll down, look for the Overview page, then find the Company Pages Audit section.


  1. Under the Designated Admins area, type in the name of the connection that you wish to assign as admin. Keep in mind that you can only assign administrative rights to people in your network.
  2. Click publish to complete the process.

If you wish to remove an admin, repeat steps 1-5, then find the name of the admin you want to remove. Then click the “X” next to it. If there are already multiple admins assigned, you may need to scroll through the list.

Whether you are adding a group manager or another company page admin, you must be the owner or creator of the group or page to do so.

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