How to Add a New User to Google Analytics

Posted by Brent

Google Analytics can be a very powerful tool for marketers and small business owners a like to determine if they’re online marketing efforts are having an impact and how these new users are interacting and engaging with the website. However, Google Analytics can be intimidating and it’s numerous features and segmentation tools can be daunting for first time users or business owners who don’t have the time to invest into learning all of the ins and outs.

In this blog post I will be teaching you how to add a new user to your Google Analytics account. This allows other people; coworkers, agencies and consultants, to take a look at your data without having to give out your personal Google Account information.

Step 1: Log In

Log in to your existing Google Analytics account using your email and password associated with your account.



Step 2: Access Admin Panel

Navigate to the admin panel of the account you want to grant access to.


Step 3: Choosing Account, Property or View

Once you’re inside the admin panel for the account, you can grant access to either the entire account, a property, or a view. Account level permission allows the user to view all the information contained within; including all properties and the views within those properties. Property level permission allows the users to view all the data that is associated with that property. View level permission allows the user to only see the data and information contained in that single view.


Step 4: Granting Permission

Once you have decided the account, property, or view to add the user to, it’s time to input their email address and assign permissions. In the input box type or paste the email that the new user will be using to access Analytics, then assign permissions based upon their needs. If you just want someone to look at your data and not be able to alter or change any settings, assign the lowest permission level, Read & Analyze, to them. If you are adding someone as a power user who needs complete admin control, then check all of the boxes.


Step 5: Confirmation

Once you click the add button, you will see a success message at the top and the user will be added to the list of current users.


Step 6: Success

That’s it! You have now added your first user to Google Analytics. If you need to add more users then just repeat the steps above.

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