10 Words of the Lazy Web Writer

Posted by Tim

As a web writer, your words are all that you have. Thankfully the English language has a bountiful supply of them, so you can afford to strike more than a few from your writing vocabulary. Here are the 10 words of the lazy web writer.

1. Get
There are hundreds of words that can replace “get.” Use them.

2. Literally
The most unnecessary word ever conceived.

3. Very
“Very” is a weak emphasizer. There are plenty of others to choose from.

4. Really
Another weak emphasizer.

5. Amazing
Its overuse has diluted all meaning from it. It does nothing to spark or capture excitement and is a bland descriptor.

6. Things/Stuff
No two words could be more generic.

7. So
Fine as a conjunction, bad as an adverb. For example: “she is so fast.” Here the word is filler. It does nothing to further describe her speed.

8. That
“That” has the tendency to show up where it’s not needed. Be careful with its use.

9. A lot
Not a clear descriptor.

10. Just
Using “just” as an adverb does little to change the meaning of what you’re saying. Ex: “He is just a little shy.” Use it only when there’s an intention. Otherwise cut it.

The next time you see these words pop up in your writing, take them out and replace them with something better. Remember, the thesaurus is a writer’s best friend.

The worst sentence ever written: We are just so tired of literally everybody not reading the very important content that’s on our really amazing website that it’s making us want to get rid of a lot of the stuff already on it.

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