How to Create a Design Case Study

Posted by Molly

I have recently been spending a lot of time working on some upcoming updates to the Blue Key web site. One of the main focuses of the overhaul is centered around our portfolio and how to best show off the immense amount of thought and effort that goes into each one of our projects. In creating a couple of our featured projects, I found that crafting a case study was rather time consuming. Hopefully my time spent can help make it easier for everyone else facing the same case study challenges!

Gathering Information

Getting started was the hardest part of creating the case study. I initially tried to start from the first stage of the project but felt that I lacked overall direction. Instead, I took a step back and decided to gather all of the information I had pertaining to the project. Once I assembled everything, I created a list of the most important steps and milestones throughout the project. These steps became a sort of outline for my case study. I then combed through the information and either discarded it or assigned it to one of the steps. After this step I had a complete outline of the project.


Gathering Materials

With an outline in place, the next step for me was to go through my files and find materials that corroborate each step. Many of the steps in our design and marketing processes are internal and never go out to the client, so I thought it would be nice to use these pieces to show how much thought and time really goes into a project behind the scenes. Some examples of these materials were things like site maps and wireframes. The example below is taken from a section of our new website.



The last step in the process was creating the conclusion to the case study. I wanted to end on a high note featuring a beauty shot of the final project to show what the culmination of work turned into. When applicable, I like to use a screenshot of the client’s previous website side by side with their new site. This juxtaposition shows how drastically an update can transform a client’s web presence and their business.

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