Combine PDFs in Mac Preview

Posted by Macrae , MaIT

Combining multiple PDFs into one document is easy for Mac users by using the built in document preview software, “Preview”.

    1. Open the PDFs
      Open each PDF in preview. The fastest way to do so is to right click on the PDF file, hover over “Open With” and select “”.

Open pdf

    1. Show Thumbnails
      Make sure thumbnails are showing.

Show pdf in thumbnail

  1. Drag and Drop Files
    Decide which file will be the final file and drag the page thumbnails of the other file(s) to the file you want to add to. When dragging the thumbnail to the destination file, make sure to drag and drop onto the receiving documents thumbnail. If done correctly, you will see all thumbnails listed with a page number underneath. If you do not see the page number, you did not drag and drop on top of the recipient thumbnail.

Drag and drop thumbnails to combine the pdf

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