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5 Business Card Faults to Avoid

Posted by Melissa

Making a good first impression is vital in the business world. For some, it can be the single deciding factor of whether or not they will do business with you. Of course, what good is a first impression if the other person doesn’t remember it? This is why first impressions must also be lasting ones.

Part of what makes that first impression lasting is having a business card that reminds the other person how great the interaction was. Having a thoughtfully designed card that expresses who you are and what your business can do will go a long way towards achieving this. Below are 5 business card faults to avoid if you don’t want to be forgotten.

1. Boring Business Card

Does your card stand out from the crowd?
Most business cards out there do not leave a lasting impression. Leaving a card that looks great, feels great, and clearly defines what your business does will do wonders for your business. A tasteful and meaningful combination of colors and textures will help your card stand out.

2. Missing Information

Is your business card missing key contact information?
If someone can’t tell from your business card what you do or how to contact you, you won’t be receiving many calls or referrals. It’s as simple as that. It’s not enough to just have a phone number. Make sure you include phone, email, website, and if possible your address. Some people today are including their social media profiles. If you’re a heavy networker, you may want to include your LinkedIn profile.

3. Grab Your Glasses

Do people ask you to read your card for them?
Sometimes people use small prints to cram more information on a card. If you get a professional agency to help you, you can have all the must-have’s on your card without sacrificing the design. If you’re going to do it yourself, remember that 95% of the population ages 35 or older need reading glasses. So a good rule to follow is to use a type size no smaller than 7-8 point.

4. Cluttered Card

Do you have busy designs and line after line of print?
Keep it simple! Some sure signs of a cluttered card are too much text and pictures and jarring colors. Use only what’s necessary for someone to know your name, your company, and what you do. And like I said before, please don’t leave out your contact information!

5. Keep Your Materials Up-to-date

When was the last time you touched your marketing materials?
The faults noted above give you a general sense of determining whether or not it’s time to revisit your marketing materials. We sometimes get so wrapped up the business operations side of things that we neglect our online presence and marketing presentation. The web is always changing and evolving. You can’t take a “set it and forget it” approach when it comes to your marketing materials. You should always be reviewing and evaluating what is or isn’t working for you and your target market.

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