18 Buzzwords/Phrases That Every Web Writer Needs to Stop Using

Posted by Tim

You may think that filling up your webpages with buzzwords and catch phrases creates excitement for your users, but it doesn’t. Words and phrases like the ones listed below filter through the human brain and leave little behind. This is the opposite of what you want. After a quick read through of your website, your users should know exactly what you do and what they have to gain, and to do this you need discernable content.

1. High Quality
Nobody wants “high quality,” because it doesn’t mean anything to them.

“Here, have this high quality chair.”
“Thank you?”

When something is “high quality,” what does that mean? Is it comfortable, sturdy? Think of what quality translates to and use that instead.

2. Take it to the next level
Instead of “taking it to the next level,” give your users an idea of what that progression will look like.

3. Hand-crafted
Very few things are “crafted” these days. Unless you’re talking about a piece of furniture, don’t use it.

4. Innovative
Doesn’t bring much to mind. Often used in place of a better word.

5. Industry standard
You should avoid using words synonymous to “average,” “regular,” “normal,” etc. when describing your business.

6. Welcome to…
Your website is not a boutique. Your visitors shouldn’t need to be told where they are once they’ve arrived on your site.

7. Let us
Don’t ask for permission. Tell them what you have to offer, and what they have to gain from it.

8. Top of the line

9. Cutting edge
We get it; you’re “edgy.”

10. Best practice
People expect the best. It should go without saying.

11. Corporate value
Everyone knows what corporations value: profits.

12. Think outside the box
If you want people to think you’re creative, don’t express it with a cliché like this one. It shows the opposite.

13. Reach out
“Reaching out” puts you in the position of needing help, when you should be the one pulling them in.

14. Give 110%
Too childish.

15. Paradigm
Too vague and expansive. People want specifics.

16. Add value
Value is highly subjective. Show them who you are and what you have to offer, and let them determine the value. The more convincing you are, the more value they’ll think you can give.

17. Revolutionary
A truly revolutionary idea comes around once every quarter century. If you think you have ideas on par with relativity, vaccination, genome mapping, or the Internet, then by all means use it.

18. Guru
Unless you’re offering spiritual guidance, stay away from using this one.


The Internet already has enough useless content. Don’t be another contributor.

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