Duluth Social Media Marketing

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Once considered a fad, it’s obvious that social media is here to stay and has thus become an integral part of our marketing campaigns. With 56% of Americans having a social media account, it’s important to interact with your customers where they are the most active. By delivering engaging content, participating in discussions, and delivering targeted ads to potential customers, social media marketing can be the kick-start that every small business needs.

Social Media Marketing

Content Distribution

When it comes to sharing online content with users, no other channel beats social media on speed and range of audience. As soon as you post to your blog or upload a video to Youtube, you can immediately take that content to social media and share it with hundreds of millions of people in an instant. With the right piece of content, you have the potential to catapult your brand recognition and become a true influencer.

Content Distribution

Social Media Advertising

Many social media platforms offer the ability to create extremely targeted ads. With filters for age, interests, occupation, hobbies, and so much more, you can hone your campaigns to target the most select groups of people. This ensures that your ad will be viewed by people who have some interest in what you’re offering, increasing the chances of it being clicked on.

Community Engagement

Occasionally posting a video or sharing a picture is good, but the real benefit of social media comes from community engagement. Users want to see brands who are not only active, but are willing to go out of their way to interact with them, answer their questions, and settle potential grievances. This can be a full-time job for some companies, and that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll manage your social accounts with tact and enthusiasm so that your followers stay engaged and your reach expands.

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