Duluth Branding Agency

A well-thought-out brand has the power to create a lasting bond between you and your customers. Our in-depth branding process covers every aspect of your business so that you’ll have a fully realized brand that expresses the personality and values of your company.

Blue Key Interactive Branding

Understanding Your Business

By gaining a detailed understanding of your company and the people you serve, we can help you figure out the best way to position yourself to your customers. In this discovery session, we will go over your company history, your products and/or services, your current customer/client base, as well as competitive advantages, what you envision for your company, industry struggles, and much more.

Understanding Your Brand

Developing Your Brand

Once we’ve laid all the groundwork, we’ll begin developing the best course of action for your company. It may be that you already have a good brand but just need to reposition or revamp it. It could also be that you need to do a brand overall. This means a new logo, new colors, new messaging—the works. Whatever the case may be, we’ll be there to generate ideas, execute tasks, and advise you along the way.

Brand Guide

After we’ve finished the development process, you’ll receive a Brand Guide that outlines everything there is to know about your company. Your Brand Guide will consist of two parts—Identity and Visual. The Identity portion of the Brand Guide will include your company’s story, values, brand positioning, key messaging, a tagline—everything there is to know about your brand. The Visual portion will give you the exact fonts, colors, and dimensions of your logo and icons so that you can sync your vendors and ensure complete brand uniformity.